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Product Introduction

Pinpoint Mode
0-99 Target-ID Numbers
Graphic Target Depth Indicator
Full Discrimination Capability
3-Tone Audio ID
Easy Menu Operation
Ultra-lightweight: 2.3 lbs. (1 kg)
Adjustable Volume, Sensitivity and Discrimination
9 Target-ID Categories
Notch Out Unwanted Targets
Fully Programmable
Volume Control
Detects Coins to 8” Deep, Large Objects to 2 Feet
Easy to Assemble
2-Piece Adjustable Stem With Locking Collars
Battery Power Indicator
Padded Armrest and Hand Grip
7” Elliptical Concentric Waterproof Searchcoil
7.69 kHz Operating Frequency

Product Description

The Digitek is the result of nine years of software engineering and features the latest advancements in lightweight design, target accuracy and deep-penetrating detection technology. It is the detector your child will not outgrow!

Product Model

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