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Product Introduction

• Detects coins to 12 inches
• 13 kHz frequency – good for coin shooting, relic hunting and gold prospecting
• Frequency shift for eliminating electrical interference
• Visual Target-ID by category and 0-99 numerical indication
• Target-ID confidence bar
• Continuous ground mineral concentration readout
• Push-button static pinpoint
• Speed selection – normal for most conditions, slow for deep coins in non-trashy areas
• 11-inch waterproof DD searchcoil
• 40 hours of battery life (4 AA batteries)

Product Description

The Teknetics patriot is a very easy detector to set up, and very easy to use. Assemble detector, install 4AA batteries (batteries NOT included) turn detector on. Toss a coin on the ground, sweep coil back and forth over the coin a few times to get the feel for how the detector responds .You’re pretty much ready to go treasure hunting.

Considered an around metal detector with all the functions you would use for:

- Coin Shooting: including Rings, and Jewelry.
- Relic Hunting: the search for historical artifacts.
- Gold Prospecting
- Cache Hunting: usually valuables & money buried in a strongbox, jar or other container.
- Shallow Water Hunting: waterproof search coil can be used in water 2 feet or less.
- CAUTION: Do NOT get the electrics housing wet!

Product Model

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