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Golden mask 4 WD

Golden mask 4 WD

559 €

Product Introduction

Brand: Golden Mask
Model: 4WD
Technology: VLF
Frequency: 8 and 18 kHz
Ground Balance: manual
Search Mode: motion, two-tone, one tone with discrimination
Controls: sensitivity, frequency, discrimination, threshold, ground balance, sound
Coil Type: Double D
Weight (incl. batteries): 1.4 kg with 23x25 cm (9x10") search coil
Battery: 1000 mAh NiMH rechargeable batteries
Battery Life: 25 hours
Wireless Headphones: Yes, Included
Headphones Jack: 6.35 mm - 1/4"
Warranty: 5 years - the electronics

Product Description

Golden Mask 4WD is a very fast metal detector, running at two frequencies - 8 and 18 kHz, with integrated wireless transmitter and wireless headphones. At 18kHz the machine is very sensitive to tiny objects like small coins and gold nuggets, while at 8kHz GM4WD goes deep in the ground for searching relics and medium to large objects. The detector has super-fast recovery speed making it the ideal choice for searching in trashy areas, especially if equipped with a small-size search coil like the new 18 cm (7") or 23 cm (9") Spider coils.

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Golden mask 4 WD