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Discovery 3300

Discovery 3300

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Product Introduction

The Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 has four modes which are controlled by the touchpad.
Motion All Metal Mode — Just a single tone that detects all types of metal
Progressive Discrimination Mode — Uses a single tone to eliminate iron and unwanted metals
Notch Mode — Enables the user manually eliminate a range of items
Pinpoint Mode — Searches for targets while the detector is completely still and produces a monotone hum which will be at its loudest when the inner ring of the coil is directly above the target
All Bounty Hunter metal detectors come standard with a preset ground balance to neutralize any response to the grounds mineral content. What this means is the Discovery 3300 can tell the difference between the mineral content in the soil and valuable metals. The digital 11-segment probable target ID that identifies a range of targets and includes a four-tone audio feedback.

4-Tone Audio Feedback and 3-Digit Numeric Target Value
Pinpoint for Deepest Seeking Detection and Accurate Location
1-Touch Zap to eliminate unwanted finds
Coin Depth Indicator
Adjustable padded arm rest and stem
Interchangeable coil system up to 10 inches
Squelch tech noise reduction circuitry
Touch pad all digital controls
Headphone Jack
5-year limited warranty

Product Description

The Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Metal Detector has an array of technical features but is well suited to beginners and intermediate users. It is lightweight at 2.4 pounds, well constructed and has a waterproof coil. The detectors large LCD display’s controlled circuitry ensures less interference enabling you to find more treasure in less time.
The Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 has seven-segment and eleven segment digital target identification. Seven-segment gets rid of the unwanted finds while eleven-segment eliminates the junk while you search for valuables such as gold. Another handy feature is the Zap mode which lets you accept or reject specific items.
The detector is also equipped with a coin-depth indicator which will tell you if the coin is right beneath the surface or up to eight inches down. The Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 also has an interchangeable coil system which allows from four to ten inch coil options. Even more features are the touch pad all-digital controls, the necessary headphones jack, adjustable padded arm rest and adjustable stem

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Discovery 3300