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Land ranger pro

Land ranger pro

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Product Introduction

The search coil of the Land Ranger Pro is light, ruggedly built and can be submerged in the water along with the bottom part of the S-Rod. As in most detectors, the control housing, search cable and the plug connection should be kept dry

This device can be operated in 7 different modes,. Each of them calibrates its operating parameters to a specific application, skill level or environment, to best adapt to the ground and treasure conditions. To commence your treasure hunt right away, you may chose any of the following modes: Coins, Artifacts, Jewellery, 2 Tones, 3 Tones, 4 Tones or even All Metal.

The designers have preset the discrimination to automatically remove junk and accept good targets. Do you have any particular item to accept or reject? No problem! Simply press the Notch button to instantly accept or reject a target category that is shown along the Target Category Arc located at the top of the display screen.

The menu button allows the user to customize multiple options like sensitivity, manual ground cancellation, notch width, V-Break Audio and more.

There is a sensitivity level indicator towards the right side of the display screen. Simply press the “Sensitivity” button to adjust the detector’s sensitivity. You may adjust the sensitivity from 0 to 10. As you increase the levels, the performance improves. So, a higher setting means better performance.

The Land Ranger Pro arrives with a big, easy-to-read display that measures 3-inches by 0.75-inch. Upon detecting an object, the device produces a sound and a two-digit Target-ID, ranging from 1 to 99, shows up on the screen. The number denotes the electrical conductivity of the target.

Other features of the metal detector include the V-Break Audio, a target depth indicator, and a battery level indicator.

This highly functional metal detector is made in the United States and comes with an unbeatable 5-year warranty. It has got every premium feature you may expect at its price. Lightweight and easy to operate, this is the perfect device you will need to unearth hidden treasures.

Product Description

The Land Ranger was one of the best metal detectors made by Bounty Hunter. Its successor, the Land Ranger Pro is the most premium offering in the latest Pro series from the brand. Designed and manufactured in Texas, this metal detector is packed with a ton of features for reliable performance. The following sections constitute a detailed review of this device.

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Land ranger pro