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CW 10 Handheld

CW 10 Handheld

189 €

Product Introduction


Detects Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal
Operating Frequency: 110 kHz
Choice of Audio Alarm or Silent Vibrate Alarm
Easy to Use, 3 Position Switch for Power, Audio and Vibrate
Sensitivity Setting at Optimum Level – No Tuning Required
Balanced and Lightweight – Under 12 oz
Requires 1-9Volt Battery
Low Battery Indicator
Specially manufactured to work with the Fisher MScope Portable Walkthrough Metal Detector

Product Description

Fisher CW-10 - Hand-Held Security Metal Detector

Designed to safeguard security sensitive areas such as schools, courtrooms, correctional facilities, sporting events, nightclubs, and other public events.

The CW-10 provides precision locating for all types of metal in a highly durable package. The CW-10 gives you the choice between an audio alarm or silent vibrator alarm, and provides an optimum sensitivity level for all your security needs. With no tuning required, the CW-10 is easy to use and serves as an effective locator for unwanted metal objects. Backed by Fisher's 2 year warranty.

Designed for stand alone use or in conjunction with Fisher MScope Portable Walkthrough Metal Detector.

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CW 10 Handheld